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Indoor Air

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Certification means we test your specialist room air quality to ensure it meets the applicable standard for your needs. Specialist environments demand specialist skills to manage and maintain their air quality. Our testing meets internationally accredited standards and our experts ensure your specialist areas are tested accurately to the standards.

Clean Room
Testing and Certification
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A ‘clean room’ or a ‘clean space’ is defined as a room, a suite of rooms or an area within a controlled environment. The concentration of airborne particles in these areas is strictly controlled. Other factors may also be controlled within the limits of this space.

We have the expertise and experience to perform particle counting across a full range of cleanliness classes – from ISO Class 5 to ISO Class 8 or PIC/s GMP Grade A to Grade D. We can also offer design and advice on fitting and using your clean room. As an IANZ accredited organisation we offer a full testing and validating service to operating theatres and clean rooms – including work zone integrity tests, HEPA filter integrity tests, microbial contamination, tests pressure cascades and air velocity & uniformity tests. 


Isolation rooms are a vital component in caring for infectious and immuno-compromised patients. We test and certify negative and positive pressure isolation rooms to AS 1668.2 or site specific design standards.

HEPA Filter
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High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters have been used as filtration devices for more than 50 years. Their high efficiency at sub-micron particle sizes makes them suitable in areas where cleanroom conditions and contamination control are critical.

HEPA filter testing is extremely important to confirm that the filters are properly installed and are not leaking. All Airlab integrity tests are conducted in accordance with ISO 14644-3 B.7.2 [procedure for installed filter system leakage scan test with an aerosol photometer], ISO 14644-3B.7.4 [procedure for overall leak test of filters mounted in ducts or air-handling units (AHUs)], AS 1807.6 (determination of integrity of terminally mounted HEPA filter installations) and AS 1807.7 (determination of integrity of HEPA filter installations not terminally mounted).

Fume Cupboard 
fume cupboard testing.png

The primary reason for using a fume cupboard is to provide a safe working environment for the operator and other laboratory personnel. The fume cupboard provides mechanical means of capturing, diluting and exhausting all fumes – especially important if you are dealing with hazardous or noxious gases.


We provide the full range of testing and monitoring programmes including for Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF). Our experts have the technology and the know-how to give you independent answers and advice.

Our services include:

  • Face velocity & smoke performance testing

  • Controls and alarm performance checks

  • Inspection of fan and associated components

Biological Safety Cabinet Testing
Biological safety cabinet testing.jpg

The performance of your biological safety cabinet is vital in maintaining the wellbeing of operators during the preparation of drugs or biological samples.

Our experts can cover all aspects of biohazard cabinet testing and validation. From advice on HEPA filters to annual certification – all our work is performed to the relevant AS 2252, AS/NZS 1807, BS EN 12469 and NSF 49 standards and testing methodologies. We also test Type I and Type II pharmaceutical isolators to AS 4273 and AS/NZS 1807.

Pressure Unit Testing
asbestos negative pressure unit testing.jpg

Contractors who remove asbestos from buildings use HEPA filtered fan driven negative pressure units to ensure their work space is safe from airbourne Asbestos particles, as well as H class vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter, to ensure Asbestos can be vacuumed with safety.


This equipment requires HEPA testing and validation every 6 months. We are able to safely test and certify these units.

Airflow Visualisation

A visual test to demonstrate the air movement within a cleanroom, hospital or laboratory. This can assist in identifying any potential sources of contamination which could affect the quality of products or the health and safety of staff or patients.

Airlab has invested in the best visualisation equipment. The 'smoke' generated is neutrally buoyant thereby not affected by the equipment output and only indicates the actual airflow. The tracer particle liquid does not contaminate the clean environment, resulting in less cleaning time and therefore less downtime for the area being tested.  

On completion of testing you will receive a report highlighting any issues or areas of concern and a video, taken during testing, to show the airflow movement.

Testing is carried out in accordance with ISO-14644-3:2019 Clause 6.2.4 and B.3.

Clean Room Testing and Certification
HEPA Filter Testing
Fume Cupboard Testing
Biological Safety Cabinet Testing
Asbestos Negative Pressure Unit Testing
Airflow Visualisation
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