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Commissioning your air environment is all about testing your new or old Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems to ensure they perfectly match the engineers’ specification. If not, we can adjust air and water flows as we can to resolve the balance issues.

During our 40 years in business, we’ve tested, commissioned new and re-commissioned old HVAC systems for a massive range of buildings across New Zealand. These buildings comprise multi-storey commercial offices, hospitals, airports, museums, shopping malls, dairy factories, laboratories, civic centres, universities and government facilities.

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Air Flow
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Virtually all air conditioning systems utilise the flow of air into and out of a room as the medium to provide the thermal comfort of the space.


This treated air is delivered to the space from the air conditioning unit, via network of ducts, to ceiling or wall outlets. It is these airflows that Airlab examine and balance.


We systematically check and adjust all the building environmental systems, ensuring that all areas of the building achieve thermal comfort.

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To realise substantial energy savings and comfort improvements Airlab undertake a comprehensive water balancing procedure. There are three key areas that need to balance so that the controllers can function as intended.

Circuits on the plant’s production (primary) side must be balanced to get design flows through boilers and chillers and to make the production side compatible with the distribution (secondary) side at all loads.

Circuits on the distribution side of the plant must be balanced to make at least design flows available to all control valves and terminals at all loads.
The control loops must be balanced to ensure good working conditions for the control valves and to make primary and secondary flows compatible.

Duct Pressure
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For Duct leakage testing Airlab recommends sealing all sections of a duct system, regardless of pressure classification.

Airlab has special equipment that pressurises duct systems (generally done in sections) and then measures the leakage from the ducting under test. If the leakage falls outside the specified allowance then the contractor seals the leaks from the ducts and the leakage re-measured. This process continues until the leakage falls below the engineer’s specified allowable leakage.

The same equipment can be used to test builders-work shafts and plenums that are being used to transport airflow as part of the air conditioning and ventilation system. These often have significant leakage due to numerous penetrations required for piping and electrical reticulation.

Air Flow Balancing
Water Balancing
Duct Pressure Testing
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