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Building Warrant
of Fitness

Buildings with certain safety and essential systems, known as ‘specified systems’ need a compliance schedule. These ‘specified systems’ ensure a building is safe and healthy for members of the public to enter, occupy or work in. It is the building owner’s responsibility to keep these features and systems working effectively and to the standards of the annual building warrant of fitness (WOF).

Airlab has Independent Qualified Persons (IQP) certified for testing specified systems

under the Territorial Authorities of most regions in New Zealand, and so are both qualified and certified to test these systems.

Airlab is also able to undertake HVAC audits for SS9 - Mechanical ventilation or air conditioning systems. This is useful for clients that require independent IQP validation for maintenance carried out by the incumbent contractor.

Building warrant of fitness.png
We test these specified systems:
  • SS5 - Escape Route Pressurisation

  • SS11 - Laboratory Fume Cupboards

  • SS13.1 Mechanical Smoke Control

Hot Smoke
Hot smoke testing.HEIC

Hot-smoke is artificial smoke that is heated to become buoyant so that it performs like smoke plume produced by a real fire.


The hot smoke test assess the detectors response to rising smoke, and determines whether the detectors are correctly activated. It also ensures that any smoke control systems, such as extractor fans are adequately sized and operating efficiently.


This is the perfect solution to test the system interfaces installed within the building to ensure they work as intended.

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