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Indoor Air

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Do you have a problems with the quality of your indoor air? 

We can test, report and advise on:

  • Bacteria and Fungi 

  • CO2 

  • Fresh Air Rates 

  • Temperature and Humidity 

  • CO

  • Dust Particles 

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)

Don’t know what you want tested? Just have a problem? That’s OK, we can prescribe the appropriate testing and monitoring.  

Airlab is excited to partner with AirRated to bring the AirScore certification to New Zealand.

The AirScore is a simple and reliable measure for indoor air quality (IAQ) in the built environment.


The third-party, independent assessment serves as validation that building owners, managers and employers are providing healthy working environments.


An AirScore assessment uses the latest sensor technology to monitor five key IAQ parameters: humidity, temperature, PM2.5, TVOCs and carbon dioxide. Following a three-week monitoring period, environmental scientists analyse and grade the data based on leading medical research and industry best practice. This provides an easy-to-understand rating of your building’s indoor health, classified as Certified, Gold, Silver or Platinum.

The benefits of an AirScore are plenty. Some examples include attracting occupiers and residents, enhancing marketing campaigns, meeting organisation-wide ESG targets, and responding to changing occupier expectations for indoor spaces. Across the board, an AirScore shows consideration for the wellbeing of the people within your indoor environments.

AirRated is a UK-based company who have delivered the AirScore rating to over 300,000 sq.m. of real estate in the UK and continental Europe since their launch in March 2020. Most recently, they have been appointed to deliver the AirScore across Legal & General Investment Management’s commercial office portfolio.

We see this as an innovative solution for both new and existing buildings. The AirScore has potential to satisfy innovation credits for the NZGBC Green Star rating, as well as validating the Indoor Air Quality credits for the As Built rating.

Talk to us today to learn more about getting an AirScore for your project or building.

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